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CADS : About us

Cowbridge Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) was formed in 1947 to relieve the tedium in those pre-television days of austerity and anti-climax of the wait for the fifties and the arrival of the 'modern' world. It has been going ever since.

We aim to put on three main productions each year; one in March, one in June/July and one around November. The plays we have staged over the years vary from comedy and farce to dramas and classic plays. Unlike a number of groups, we don’t just stick to well known ‘safe’ plays, but also try new pieces or try to present plays in a new way. This is largely to challenge ourselves artistically, but also to provide something fresh for our audience.

Rehearsals are usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and all are welcome to join. Membership is set at £15 per annum. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the membership secretary, Caron Reidy -


You can also find information about us and what productions we are putting on in

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